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I am not a big fan of YELP but I did notice that they have 21 reviews of AUM, 15 are posted as 'filtered' so you have to keep an eye out for clicking on that filtered link. 

Not one of the 26 reviews gets more than 1 star out of 5, so you see even on a crappy site like Yelp, AUM sucks. Go to:

and don't forget to go via direct link to: and get more details on both AUM and Concord Management Ltd.

Just FYI here is what the BBB ( says about them:  "138 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 48 closed in last 12 months".  AUM has been a member of the BBB since 2006.  That means they pay the BBB 'dues' to be a member. 

The BBB has an outstanding record of covering up for crappy firms as long as they pay the BBB dues. 

So go ahead and put in a BBB complaint but don't expect anything to actually come of it.  By the way, 128 of those complaints were about 'billing', that is to say people complained to the BBB about getting screwed by AUM and they still have their A+ BBB rating.


Misc Info FYI:  8 new blogs have been put up which mention both AUM and Concord Management.  These are regarding Atlanta area apartment complexes, here are 2 of them:,  and also  They contain the same info, just the names change for each blog site.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I've got a little story to tell you, so

why not come in and make yourself at home?

I'm sure you can find something interesting here!

Although as of Jan. 2013 I am no longer an owner at Nautilus Cove Condo and have no current connection with AUM (American Utility Management) this blog site might be of interest to you if you have AUM as your utility billing firm.  I have found them to be cheats and frauds and so have a lot of other people. 

If you are not particularly interested in our condo problems you will still find other AUM information here, so read on!
In late 2012 our sister communities problems with AUM/Concord had some major attention from the City of Panama City Beach.  You can read more about this below.

2/23/13 Update:  2 AUM Federal Court Cases are reported below and today some minor updates to these were added.
Take a look at the AUM 'message board' at:


July 30, 2013 Update:
The BBB now has 137 complaints closed in last 3 years / 46 closed in last 12 months.

It is absolutely amazing that such a sleezy business has an A+ rating. I have written to the Chicago BBB to point out that they are so bad that Panama City Beach, Florida had to amend their ordnances so that AUM could no longer rip off residents of Stone Harbor Apartments. The BBB simply ignored this and does not list it as a 'government action'.

Feb. 8, 2013

Mr. Steve J. Bernas - President/CEO,
BBB of Chicago & Northern Illinois
330 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 3120
Chicago, IL 60611

 RE: American Utility Management (AUM)

Dear Mr. Bernas:

I am writing to you with copies to other Chicago BBB workers who may be interested in this topic.

I and other consumers are entirely disappointed with your continuing to rate your member company AUM as A+.

I will direct you and other readers to a long standing blog site I set up when I found this 3rd rate utility was simply 'making up' billings for my condo. If you read far enough in this blog you will see that this firm simply invented bills and I found that I was being billed for excess water usage during many months that I was NOT even in residence at my condo.

From my extensive dealings with AUM I found that the only 'honest' people they employee were in their tech services area, they were able to look back 90 days worth of billings to verify that there was no water usage and with this information I did get 2 credits to my bill.

The Internet has many examples of complaints about this shoddy utility billing firm and some are incorporated into my blog site.

I have said for many years that this firm is running a scam and a racket and they are defrauding consumers in apartment buildings and condos all across the country. I note that I have yet to be sued by them for defamation or liable, that alone should tell you something about the firm.

 Previously I had written via email to half a dozen of your staff with information about how the City of Panama City Beach (Florida) had complaints from renters at Stone Harbor Apartments, an AUM serviced complex and after looking at how these people were being ripped off the City put through an amendment to their ordnance to prohibit such outrageous billings.

At the very least this information should have been added to your site under 'government actions'. It was not.

 If the Chicago BBB will not now take steps to warn consumers about AUM and their fraudulent practices then I will have to contact other branches of the BBB and Chambers of Commerce in Northern Illinois to alert them to how the Chicago BBB is letting down consumers and not accurately reflecting the problems with AUM.

My blog site is found at: and I will incorporate two posts in this email FYI.


A Calif. Class Action Filing Against AUM

American Utility Management (AUM) does business all across the country.

Here is the case of  Nekole Rucker v. American Utility Management it is a class action suit in the Central District of California (ie: Los Angeles) which complains that AUM violated various State and Federal laws including the Fair Debt Collection Act by posting notices on Ms Rucker's front door, visible to all passing by, falsely stating that failure to pay the alleged debt to AUM would result in the apartment complex to refusal to accept her rent and then to evict her, and also the turning over of the account to a collection agency with subsequent damage to her credit.

These tactics by AUM were allegedly done with malace and to embarass Rucker into paying the alleged debt. The request for class action would open AUM to many such claims, all to be heard together. 

The 10 page complaint can be found at the end of this blog via direct click on link and another 11 pages have been updated on 2/23/13:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Misc FYI:  27 pages of letters and email regarding the City taking action against AUM and Concord are at the bottom of this blog site, they would take up to much room to put them on top.  The names and email addresses of those who complained about Stone Harbor are redacted.  Direct link:

City cracks down on AUM and Concord for ripping off residents with water bills!

PCB closes loophole on water charges
Article at:

 Published: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 19:34 PM.

PANAMA CITY BEACH — The Panama City Beach Council has closed a loophole on an ordinance that allowed apartment complexes to overcharge residents for city utility services.

A city investigation into individual meter readings at Stone Harbor Apartments on Alf Coleman Road showed some residents were billed $9 to $10 per 1,000 gallons of water used, nearly three times the city rate.

The ordinance, which prevents the resale of city water and sewer services by any third party, was amended at the Oct. 11 council meeting, adding language to prohibit landlords from taking utility cost from vacant units or the common areas and distributing it among tenants.

“They weren’t breaking the law, but they weren’t following what we intended the ordinance to do,” Utilities Director Al Shortt said of the complex, which outsources billing to American Utility Management (AUM). Residents “were essentially paying for stuff that should have been absorbed by the community.”
Shortt said the complex, a Concord Management property, was allowing residents to pick up the bills for vacant units and also for the irrigation water in common areas.

The amended ordinance prohibits landlords from charging any more than the city would have charged the tenant, with the exception of an administrative charge not to exceed $3.

“Having the other tenants pay what is the landlord’s obligation, the landlord is making money,” said City Attorney Doug Sale, who provided clarification at the council meeting.

The amendment to the ordinance was prompted after Councilwoman Josie Strange received complaints from residents at Stone Harbor regarding utility bills.

Although the complex runs off one master meter, AUM sets up individual meters at each unit, allowing city officials to determine that many residents were being overcharged for their usage amount.

The city sent a notice of violation and cease-and-desist order to the complex in August, requesting documentation of the actual cost of operating the utility and also information from the third-party bill processor.

Shortt said Stone Harbor residents should see a reduction in their utility bills during the next billing cycle.

“They’re well aware of what they need to do,” Shortt said of AUM. “Now that the ordinance is in place, it should take care of those issues.”

Sunday, October 28, 2012

City tells Stone Harbor to 'Cease and Desist'

That's right Stone Harbor residents, in Panama City Beach, Florida, benefitted from a City of PCBs Notice of Violation and a demand for Stone Harbor Apartments to "Cease and Desist" usurious water billings

A resident complained to a City Councilman about the high rates for water by American Utility Management.  The Councilman then brought the bogus charges to the Cities attention and after looking into it the City Attorney sent the below letter to Stone Harbor Partners Ltd, which is just Concord Management under another corporate shell.

Note the line that says they must stop: "charging usurious rates which are far out of line with the City's rates set forth in . . . the City's Code".

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Hey Ed, Read your mail!

Maybe we will see you on TV or in the Papers?

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

What others think of AUM

Reviews for American Utility Management see the original site at:

Nicola G. Bothell, WA 11/13/2011
I think I've had about enough of AUM's expensive charges and poor customer service. They have moving due dates and no grace period so if you miss the day it's due, you get a hefty late fee (due dates range anywhere from a week before the new month to a couple days after the new month). You can't pay online or over the phone without a hefty fee. They're the ugly of corporations. When I move, any apartment complex using AUM will be out of consideration

Amy F. Dayton, OH 2/1/2013
by far the most awful utility company i have ever used. they change your due date every month. they charge you a late fee if you are ***one day**** past due. no grace period. this wouldn't be so bad if there were a convenient way to pay. you cannot pay online or by phone without getting charged a "convenience fee" of 7.50. they do not care about their customers. they are greedy crooks. i send in my check every month a week before it is due and somehow it magically doesn't get there until 2 weeks past due . since there is no grace period, i keep getting late fees. they should be shut down.

Jackie N. Bonita, CA 1/27/2013
I would give less stars if I could. My bill is usually due around the 30th and as of today I have yet to receive it! It always comes in the mail at the last second before it's due but then if you are late they are going to charge you. Of course that wouldn't be a problem if they just let you pay online without charging a ridiculous fee!!

Hello, AUM wake up, we are in the age of technology where people don't send paper checks, it's way easier to just pay online with the rest of the bills and even my rent is paid online. If they expect to make people may by mail they need to get a clue and give at least a week of time to get the bill and get the check out before it is due!! HATE this company...very expensive, poor customer service, high misc. fees... very annoying.

Ricardo R. San Diego, CA 1/23/2013
COMPANY sucks. Outrageous online fees. If you mail your check, and somehow its late its your fault, even if its post marked, WTF!!!!! I mailed it in 4 days before due date.

John R. Colorado Springs, CO 11/26/2012
My experience has been the same as that of other posters. Exorbitant fees: I have documented the major uses of water: laundry, dishes, toilet flushes, showers. For the past month I also have timed the showers: 5 minutes. I am using approximately one third of the water for which I am being charged.

Apartment management refuses to help; no doubt they are getting a big kickback from AUM. (They just signed with them three months ago, probably because they outbid the previous billing service.)

The location, by the way, is Colorado Springs, CO.

As another poster, I wish I could give negative stars.
Russ H. Corona, CA 11/19/2012
I just started receiving bills from AUM after reviewing the bill I was charged $10.68 for Water, Trash and Sewer; Granted I signed my lease on the 28th of October, I didnt move into the unit until November 2nd, yet I was billed for services I didnt even use... To top it off, I went to pay the bill online and they want to charge $7.95 to pay your bill online...

I hope that since the complex that I am is now under new management companies, I hope that they will ditch this company. Based on the reviews I read this is going to be a long lease!!!

I would love to start class action law suite against these thieves. If more people are interested, leave the message here, and we will get organized.
Vans M Huntington Beach, CA 4/30/2012
AUM IS THE WORST!!! They absolutely change your billing due date all the time and then charge you a 25% late fee if you pay a single day behind. They are horrible. You cannot pay over the phone, you are charged an insane fee to pay online, they are greedy and absurd. Customer service should change their name, as they do not care about the customers and are offering no service whatsoever. If I had any choice in the matter, I would've absolutely switched utility services long ago. I detest paying this bill more than paying taxes. Pure evil.
John P. Studio City, CA 5/21/2012
When you look for a new apartment in Los Angeles, avoid those owned by big corporations like Essex or Archstone. The larger the complex, the more likely that they hire a third party to manage utility costs that are not included in your already exorbitant rent. At the Muse in North Hollywood, the hot water is billed through AUM as "energy," along with sewer, water, trash, and AUM's monthly "admin charge."

Because units do not have individual hot water tanks, you pay a portion of the sum total cost of hot water use by all residents in the entire building. As a single person living in a one-bedroom, I was charged $14.27 for hot water last month, billed as "energy." Individual sewer, water, and trash costs were slightly less. My total AUM utility bill averages $42 monthly.

Of the two AUM customer service representatives with whom I have spoken, both were defensive, interruptive, flippant, terse, and at times angered by any question without cause/instigation. As mentioned in prior posts above, AUM will charge you for any "lapse" in which your lease contract is dated and you start and end your gas service. If you start gas on April 25, but moved in April 24, expect a charge and "feel lucky that you were not charged more," as told by one AUM rep.

Michael H. Wst Hollywood, CA 9/22/2012
This company is a complete SCAM!!! AVOID any building that uses them unless you want to deal with headaches!! They charge you fees just for using their service that you did not sign up for in the 1st place. That means you are getting charged for them billing you!! On top of that all the bills are over inflated with FAKE water usage charges, and you get charged for late fees even when you send in your payments ontime!! They are a complete SCAM!!! It should be illegal!!

Vans M. Huntington Beach, CA 4/30/2012
AUM IS THE WORST!!! They absolutely change your billing due date all the time and then charge you a 25% late fee if you pay a single day behind. They are horrible. You cannot pay over the phone, you are charged an insane fee to pay online, they are greedy and absurd. Customer service should change their name, as they do not care about the customers and are offering no service whatsoever. If I had any choice in the matter, I would've absolutely switched utility services long ago. I detest paying this bill more than paying taxes. Pure evil.

Nicola F. Bothell, WA 11/13/2011
I think I've had about enough of AUM's expensive charges and poor customer service. They have moving due dates and no grace period so if you miss the day it's due, you get a hefty late fee (due dates range anywhere from a week before the new month to a couple days after the new month). You can't pay online or over the phone without a hefty fee. They're the ugly of corporations. When I move, any apartment complex using AUM will be out of consideration.

Robert F. VALLEY VILLAGE, CA 1/10/2012
AUM is a joke, if I could I would give them -5 Stars
U can wait on the line for more than 45 min without any answer.
How come everymonth your utility bill is completely different?
How 1 person in studio can get a $75 bill for one month for water and trash?
Defiantly this company is run by the best crocks Managment I have ever deal

Djordje P. Auburn Hills, MI 10/15/2012
I am trying to understand how can a water/sewer/trash bill can go from an average of $35 per month to over $50 per month. ( $50.09 for August and $58.24 for September). Now my water/sewer bill is as much as electricity and gas bill combined.

I understand their billing practices and how they work, with total usage, square footage and everything else. Their billing system makes it even harder to believe these bills, as when you average apartment complex of 600+ apartments, it makes it very hard for a bill to grow by 50%. This would mean that that every single apartment used 50% more water, which is very illogical.

Water is the most constant utility bill throughout the year, and few studies show that inside house water usage varies only within few percent from month to month. People's habits don't change.

I would love to start class action law suite against these thieves. If more people are interested, leave the message here, and we will get organized.

Filip N. San Diego, CA 10/2/2012
I live at an apartment complex that is owned by Essex. UNFORTUNATELY ESSEX USES AUM to manage their apartments utility costs.
AUM charges you a convenience fee of $7.50 every time you pay online, instead of sending them a check by mail. That is just absurd. We should be discounted by paying online instead. Seriously, the less paperwork for a company the less cost, which means more profits.

For every customer who pay online the company does not have to deal with the work of opening mails and to put the checks on their records. Therefore the convenience fee is just a scam. Further, I think they charge too much, and I don't get a record of how much usage I have had during a month, which means that they can easily charge you more than they should.


Asmma Y. Pasadena, CA 6/13/2012
Worst company ever, there customer support is really bad you feel like they don't want to talk to you and if you ask for the manager they never answer, I don't know how early you should send your payment to avoid late fees, they over charge you and they always have a stupid reason, and they even made us pays late fees for who ever was living in our apartment before we moved in and there is no way to reason with these people. Its like to take a training course in how to be rode to people.

The worst I tell you the worst company everrrrrrrrrr...


Here is a case out of Minnesota where the State sues Northtown Apartments for excessive charges for water/sewer bills for the residents of the complex. Clearly AUM is a total scam.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

AUM Message board

What has been missing from the AUM issue is a message board so that both annoyed customers and former employees can find out what others think of this 3rd rate utility billing firm.
AUM CEO Michael Miller

A new message board is now up, be the first to post at:


You would think a Republican would know how to run a business!

Miller, Michael G Mr. A.U.M./Executive $360 05/17/2007 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE - Republican

Miller, Michael G Mr. A.U.M./Executive $360 06/08/2007 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE - Republican

Miller, Michael G. AUM/Executive $500 01/28/2008 P ROSKAM FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE - Republican

Miller, Michael AUM/President $1,000 02/18/2005 P ILLINOIS REPUBLICAN PARTY - Republican

Miller,Michael G Mr. A.U.M./Executive $360 02/10/2006 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE - Republican

Miller, Michael G Mr. A.U.M./Executive $1,000 08/17/2005 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE - Republican

Miller, Michael G Mr. A.U.M./Executive $361 10/20/2006 P REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE - Republican

Monday, October 15, 2012

Even emplolyees don't like AUM and sue them.

The legal reporting site PACER shows a case out of the Northern District of Illinois where a top executive for AUM sued them for violations of the Federal Medical Leave Act and asked 600K. This went for a year and 8 months before it was 'settled'.  

The 4 page complaint is available at the end of this blog:

See PACER for the entire case:  Russ v. American Utility Management, Inc CASE #: 1:11-cv-00943 filed 2/10/11


If anyone has any information on court cases involving AUM please let me know where I can find them:


Just one more thing FYI:
If you have time take a look at this story from San Francisco about:

"The odd evictions at Parkmerced"
Suddenly, low-income tenants could lose homes over water, garbage fees. Guess who got hired as their utility billing firm? Yeah it is AUM, no wonder why the bills are so high, AUM just makes them up!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When I get annoyed with stupidity I tend to take the nuclear option. In the case of AUM I sent out several versions of this post card, had refrigerator magnets and calanders made up and sent to employees (at their homes when I could find their addresses) to media outlets, businesses in their area, chambers of commerce and elected officials in their town etc.

It didn't cost that much using Vista Print and in the end it helped to get their attention. I highly recommend giving some publicity to morons. 

Now keep reading, the info is a couple years old but they haven't changed a bit since this was posted.

Friday, March 2, 2012

YES, A.U.M. sucks!

FYI:  Just to clarify/summarize something that you might miss in the below large volume of documents.

Like all the other Owners at my condo I got a billing monthly from AUM for water/sewer. AUM only really came to my attention when we butted heads when I changed from getting my mail at the condo to getting mail at a mail service address.

I then had to deal with the pin heads at AUM customer non-service and I won’t replow that field except to point out that for a good number of months I did not get any monthly bills from AUM due entirely to their stupidity.

When their VP/Attorney finally decided to use the correct mailing address and bills showed up I found that this mickey mouse firm was billing me for excess usage for months that I was NOT even in residence at my condo. Their tech section was able to verify that the last part of the billing was showing absolutely no usage and I ended up with several credits to my account.

By this time the condo management firm was involved and AUM was ‘fired’ as our condo billing firm. It was amply demonstrated that they were billing for bogus usage.

What should you take away from this story?

It is obvious that the AUM customer service is staffed by morons but over and above that is the question of just what happens to the money that individuals pay for these non-existant overages that AUM is charging for?

In my case I got the money back in the form of credits to my bill, but what about the other 167 residents billings? Were they also getting artificially inflated bills?

I believe that AUM is/was running a scam and routinely overcharging customers.

I further suspect that this goes on in all the properties they handle billings for, I believe that if you are using AUM for your billing that you are getting screwed with bogus bills.

I suppose that I should thank the assholes in their customer non-service department, if their year plus refusal to change my address hadn’t happened then I would never have looked carefully at my bills and realized that in 7 months when there was NO water usage that my bills were higher than when I was actually in residence and using water. So their pig headed CS department was directly responsible for losing them the Nautilus Cove Condo account.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look them up, find their home address' and write them at home

When I was voicing my displeasure at AUM I found it rather simple to locate most of these drones home addresses (one guy seemed to be using a mail service) and I bombarded them at their home addresses as well as at work. They tend to pay attention when you are writing them at home.

Key Executives
Michael Miller, President
Robert Malpasuto, Chief Financial Officer
Dave Carpenter, Executive Vice President of Operations
Sheila Mulvaney, Executive Vice President of Operations
Dan Witte, Executive Vice President of Sales
Lori Russell, Vice President, Sales
James H. Mcpolin, Vice President, Client Management
Jeff Peterson, Sr VP and General Counsel

AUM uses 3 business addresses:
333 E. Butterfield Road, 3rd Floor
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 218-1400

2211 York Rd, Ste 320
Oak Brook, IL 60523-4030
Phone: 866-520-1245, Fax: 603-218-1401

PO Box 4957
Oak Brook, IL 60522-4957

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take a look at the Ripoff Report for more info on AUM

I am amazed that there are only 10 complaints on this firm as of 3/2/12.  File your own report at: 

 Just put 'AUM' into the sites search feature and the reports will be shown.

Friday, April 1, 2011

2 years and 3 months our condo fired this bunch of losers.  Today I get the below email telling me that I can review my statement online.  I guess this is a good example of just how screwed up they are!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some bills are not just errors, they are in my opinion FRAUD!

Utility billing firms usually bill condos and apartment complexes on behalf of a municipality.  Sewer charges may be one part of the bill, and if so it would be a constant factor in the billing (ie:  it won't change each month), however, billing for water, if the individual units/apts are each metered, will vary monthly.

Generally there is a meter near where the water enters the unit and the complex will have a dedicated phone line so that these readings can be reported to the billing firm who will generate bills.  Normally you get billed for a certain amount of usage (say 2000 gallons) a month whether or not you use it, overages cost more.

The municipality knows how much water it delivered to your complex each month, they also have meters.  The billing firm is going to pay the municipality what the charges for water and sewer are. 

However, what if the billing firm, AUM, or any billing firm, just makes up numbers?  Perhaps they just inflate your bill now and then?  If the bill should be $34.55 with the water/sewer and their added on billing cost but they tack on another few dollars, how would you ever know you were paying more than needed?  Generally speaking you would NOT know.  But if you were seldom on the property and kept getting billings showing you were supposedly using MORE water in those months when you were not there (as happened to me) then this is a pretty good tip off that the billing firm is screwing you.  Obviously it is illegal but it isn't something you can easily report to the local PD.  Read on for my experience with AUM.


Misc:  This is an old blog site about problems at our condo resulting in AUM getting tossed out.  I continue to be amazed that so many people drop by for a look at this site, mostly via a google keyword search.  This tells me that AUM continues to be a real pain in the rear to a lot of people and that our problems at Nautilus Cove were not just a one off screwup by AUM.  At the time I thought they were just inept bozos but upon reflection I lean more toward 'fraud' as an explination of how they were, and probably still are, doing business.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Misc:  our condo is now considering using another utility billing firm.  Info has been presented to our BOD regarding:  American Metering Services, Inc., 7608 15th Street E, Sarasota, FL 34243-3248, Phone: 941-358-1253 or 1-877-358-1253, Fax:  941-358-0472, additional info at:{Session}%

Thursday, December 30, 2010

American Utility Management

My unpleasant experience with AUM is long over but I am surprised that there is a steady stream of traffic coming onto this blog. Some is generated by my reference to it on my main condo blog ( but most comes from people 'googling' the firm, of the past 500 look ins they come from:

#  - Per Cent  - State
98 - 19.60% Illinois
70 - 14.00% California
39 - 7.80% Texas
28 - 5.60% Georgia
26 - 5.20% Ohio
25 - 5.00% Florida
24 - 4.80% Tennessee
21 - 4.20% Virginia
20 - 4.00% Michigan
18 - 3.60% North Carolina
14 - 2.80% Pennsylvania

This continued interest shows me that this 3rd rate utility billing firm remains a major pain in the ass for a lot of consumers. I guess AUM just dosen't learn.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

American Utility Management is now GONE

They leave behind 168 water meters which it is unlikely they will bother to remove.

The phone line used to report usage has been disconnected, so now AUM has no further connection with our condo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

AUM is out as out 'billing' company!

American Utility Management (AUM) -

AUM is the current metering and billing firm for our Nautilus Cove Condo water and sewer usage here at NCC. Residents have noticed on the last monthly bill that they were to send their payments to the Nautilus Cove office rather than the usual address in Carol Stream, Ill.

Whether it is just a payment address change or if AUM is totally out remains to be seen and the office will make that notification shortly.

The best news would be that they are totally gone and a new firm would take over the billing. AUM has a poor track record, at last count they had 61 complaints (mostly billing issues) with the BBB for this rather small firm who only joined the BBB about 22 months ago.

In my own case I found that AUM were billing me MORE for those months that I was absent from the condo (ie: zero water usage) than for the months where I was here and actually using water. I ended up with 2 credits for about $150 in all.

The office was helpful in dealing with this problem.So hopefully they will get the boot totally, we should know soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nikki L. Russ vs. American Utility Management, Inc

5 additional pages of this suit have been added on 2/22/13
For larger image right click and open in new window:

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another AUM oddity FYI!

Once I finally got an initial bill to the 'correct' address I was able to go to the AUM web site ( and pick up the other 14 monthly statements.

Of course I found the expected series of $7 late fees, which were eventually credited back to me, but I also found that 6 of the 15 months showed I owed extra, above the monthly 3,000 gallons usage that I pay $14.12 a month for (whether I use it or not!).

So what is the matter with that?

Well, take for instance Feb 2008. It showed I used 700 or so gallons over the normal base of 3,000 and thus another charge for using this additional water. I was not at the condo a single day in Feburary, other months when I was in fact there never got over the base charge. So in effect by not being there and not using ANY water I was billed more than those months I was there and using water.

My complaint was sent to the engineering department (3 people) and by looking at the last 3 months (as far as they can go back in daily usage detail) they could see no one was using any water at all, also by contacting the management of the complex they verified that I was seldom there. So I got back $50+ which should never have been charged, and the earlier reversal of $85 at least gets me back to close to where I should be.

So do I think that AUM no longer SUCKS? Hell NO!

What I learned is that there are a lot of other people out there who also think AUM sucks and that you have to keep watching this bunch of morons. To get any results at all you have to in some way get past the initial bunch of screw ups who answer the phones. They are just 'customer non-service' and that is even up to the supervisor level at 'Customer non-service' you won't get any worth while help.

Perhaps you need to start your own blog site or file a BBB complaint?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Victory over a pig headed company that took 8 months and YES - AUM Still Sucks!

BBB Processing
08/04/2008 lla BBB Complaint Received by BBB
08/04/2008 lla BBB Member or MIP Complaint Validated by BBB Operator
08/04/2008 Otto EMAIL Send Acknowledgement to Consumer
08/04/2008 Otto EMAIL Inform MIP Member of Complaint


August 14, 2008
I am in receipt of the resident's complaint regarding changing his mailing address and would like to address the complaint against us at this time.

It is AUM's policy to change a mailing address only after the address as been verified to be a deliverable address by the United States Postal Service. As we have explained several times to him, we could not verify the address he had provided as a deliverable address. Therefore, we could not use the address as provided because the information he provided to us had been misspelled. Once the resident confirmed the correct spelling of the address and it was verified by the United States Postal Service, the mailing address was changed.

I hope this information answers your inquiry completely. At this point there is nothing further AUM can do to satisfy this resident. We do hope that you close this complaint at this time.


Michele Smurzynski

08/14/2008 OttO EMAIL Forward Business Response to Consumer
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Only partly resolved. While I have verified that the address is now - after 7 months and 12 contacts - changed, the response from the company does NOT address the other element of the complaint which is that the bogus late fees be waived/recinded since the lack of bills reaching me were entirely due to their incompetence in not having changed the address in March.

When the late charges are reversed then the matter is CLOSED. I have sent them a check for $156.13 which seems to be the amount due less the bogus late fees.

08/18/2008 ntt EMAIL Forward Consumer Rebuttal to Business
August 29, 2008
I am in receipt of the resident's rebuttal regarding his late fees and would like to address his concerns at this time.

After reviewing his request for waiving the late fees, AUM has granted that request and issued a credit of $42.00 to his account on August 28, 2008. His current account balance shows a credit of $85.00.

At this time AUM considers this matter resolved.

Michele Smurzynski

09/03/2008 ntt EMAIL Send Business' Response to Rebuttal
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AUM Run by Chimps????

Post cards and T-shirts now available and are being sent out to Hillside and Oakbrook firms daily

Just so you don't think I am the only one who thinks that AUM SUCKS take a look at the last item in the blog:
Others also think that AUM Sucks!
Darlington Apartments, 2025 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, GA 30309


Friday, August 8, 2008

They just don't get it -

Clearly they know my correct address, they are just too stupid to simply change it!

Double click for larger views:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why A. U. M. Sucks!

In Feburary I decided to use a mail service to handle my Florida mail as I was only at my condo about half the year. So I notified about 20 firms of the new address, some by mail and some by phone. Only one firm screwed up - AUM.

AUM is one that I called on the phone with the updated address. They took the info and I assumed that the bills would then go to me via the mail service. About 2 months later I was on the property and happened to open the mail box. There was only 1 item, it was a monthly bill from AUM. I phoned their customer non-service and asked:
1) why no address change, and
2) if they were not going to change it why didn't they let me know?

No satisfactory reply, just BS about how they could not 'verify the address', this from the initial clerk and also what passes for a 'supervisor' at this third rate firm. They still refused to make the change. I wrote to the President of the company, it was passed to a VP and I got a 3 page back saying that I had misspelled the street name by having one to many 'n's in the name. This rocket scientist even enclosed a MAP showing the location of the mail service. This guy is just as stupid as the rest of the fools that work for the firm. Did he bother to change the address since he clearly knew the correct spelling? Of course not. Anyone with connected brain cells would simply have made the change, but that is expecting far to much from a 'lawyer' VP of this company.

I see from my research that in just 19 months of membership in the Chicago BBB this firm has racked up 61 complaints. That is not a lot for Wal Mart but for a little jerk water utility billing firm I would think it should be enough to get them booted out of the BBB. I guess that if you keep paying your monthly BBB dues you can stay a member until Hell freezes over.

I am putting this blog up on the internet so that the various 'spyders' and 'crawlers' will find my blog about this third rate company and when some puts into one of the search engines: American Utility Management, A.U.M., AUM or A. U. M., this blog will pop up on their screen and they will see just what a screwed up company American Utility Management is.

A.U.M. on the Rip Off Report!