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AUM Corporate Report 5/22/08

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Darlington Apartments
From: LegalDiva326

Date posted: 3/28/2008

Darlington Apartments
2025 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta
GA 30309

For as long as I've been a tenant here (almost three years), the water bill has been paid with the rent. The rent is due on the 1st, with a grace period until the 5th. If you did not pay your water bill with the rent, your rent check would not be accepted - Fine by me, however...I never liked the fact that this building does business with AUM (American Utility Management in IL), a company that is notorious for inflating water usage charges and charging outrageous fees. They charge us $3.50 a month simply for the privilege of having them bill us - I always thought that management should be paying this bill, since they are contracting with this company to provide utility billing - I didn't ask them to bill me, THEY DID.

Anyways, the building recently changed the policies so that we are to pay AUM directly, rather than submitting the water payment with the rent. I'm guessing that the monthly $3.50 "Admin" fee has been the source of resistance and many arguments, so they had to come up with a way to justify it. Due to this change, our hands are now tied and we are being subjected to AUM's outrageous fees.

We no longer have a grace period, as AUM demands payment by the 1st, or else you are charged a $10 late fee. They also want you to allow 5-7 business days for payment. You just know they are going to claim you were late and find a way to charge you. If you go online to make a payment, you are charged a $7.50 "Convenience" Fee. (Please tell me how this is "convenient.")

Considering that we have a large number of elderly, fixed-income, and some low-income tenants, this is totally inconsiderate and unfair. But honestly, with the new management team, they are doing a lot of new, unscrupulous (and potentially ILLEGAL) things to the tenants. They just attempted to run a scam on me, but I'm too intelligent for it (future lawyer), and they're messing with the wrong one. They're about to see how "thorough" I really am.There are a million reasons why no one should move to this building, and in a few more months, I intend to tell ALL. Stay posted.

I just received my most recent water bill. I am now being charged a $10 late fee for a payment that I mailed to them well in advance, in more than enough time to make it to them by their deadline of the 1st.

I believe that I was correct in my assumption that this would be the new scam. I believe that both the bogus utility company and management will be taking a cut from these ill-gotten "profits" taken at the expense of their residents. Geez, isn't scamming with exorbitant rental increases enough' Greedy - just plain greedy....


User Responses

From: Ulexus
Date: 01/29/2008

As a resident since 2001, I remember the days before they had this water scam. The have steadily increased the pain of this more and more. They used to include the water in your rent. That is, there was no separate water bill. A few years ago, they started this insane scheme to come with some sort of way to rook everyone. They have done so. Right after I finally acceded to the bill, they pull something like this. First, I would _love_ to see the comparisons of what we are billed for just the raw water usage (outside of superfluous fees) and the real water bill. Secondly, the fees are nothing short of highway robbery. Then to make you send this piddling bill out of state to the same rip-off artist is just arrogance put forth into malice. I have put up good posts about the Darlington in the past, and I have defended it, but with this practice, as well as a number of other ones (such as price adaptations based on what the prospects look like...can we say racism, sexism?), this new "management" team is set out to destroy any remaining value that the Darlington has. We are on a month-to-month, now, and we are looking to buy somewhere else. All I can say is woe be to those who stay. They are asking to be raped, pillaged, and otherwise taken gross advantage of.


From: Anonymous
Date: 01/30/2008

I agree, this water bill thing is out of line, I can't wait to see these crooks exposed. I have a problem with them raising the rent each year I renew my lease, most leasing companies raise every 2-3 years. Darlington needs major meaia coverage for ripping us off, and that shifty AUM as well.


From: sunnyc02
Date: 04/29/2008

I have lived in Travis county in 3 different apt complexes, and it is always the same story. There is a complete lack of enforcement and/or support for individual tenants and it is frighteningly apparent when dealing with office management. They seem aware of that which makes them very brazen and unintimidated, with slum lord-like behavior. This also makes them dangerous, risking the health and well being of each and every tenant. Until changes are made we can all be expected to live in fear and just plain take it! As a result I have planned to move to another county when my lease is up, I am told that Williamson might be a better fit for those who are aware of their own rights, but who knows. I guess ignorance is bliss after all.


From: AUMSucks
Date: 08/19/2008

I have a major problem with American Utility Management and have set up my own blog to complain about them. Take a look at: I have written to various local firms in Oakbrook and Hillside, Illinois sending them magnets and post cards with my blog name on it. I will be adding this web site to my blog complete with your comments. Now anytime someone puts into their search engine AUM or American Utility Management among the other references will be my blog.

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