Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why A. U. M. Sucks!

In Feburary I decided to use a mail service to handle my Florida mail as I was only at my condo about half the year. So I notified about 20 firms of the new address, some by mail and some by phone. Only one firm screwed up - AUM.

AUM is one that I called on the phone with the updated address. They took the info and I assumed that the bills would then go to me via the mail service. About 2 months later I was on the property and happened to open the mail box. There was only 1 item, it was a monthly bill from AUM. I phoned their customer non-service and asked:
1) why no address change, and
2) if they were not going to change it why didn't they let me know?

No satisfactory reply, just BS about how they could not 'verify the address', this from the initial clerk and also what passes for a 'supervisor' at this third rate firm. They still refused to make the change. I wrote to the President of the company, it was passed to a VP and I got a 3 page back saying that I had misspelled the street name by having one to many 'n's in the name. This rocket scientist even enclosed a MAP showing the location of the mail service. This guy is just as stupid as the rest of the fools that work for the firm. Did he bother to change the address since he clearly knew the correct spelling? Of course not. Anyone with connected brain cells would simply have made the change, but that is expecting far to much from a 'lawyer' VP of this company.

I see from my research that in just 19 months of membership in the Chicago BBB this firm has racked up 61 complaints. That is not a lot for Wal Mart but for a little jerk water utility billing firm I would think it should be enough to get them booted out of the BBB. I guess that if you keep paying your monthly BBB dues you can stay a member until Hell freezes over.

I am putting this blog up on the internet so that the various 'spyders' and 'crawlers' will find my blog about this third rate company and when some puts into one of the search engines: American Utility Management, A.U.M., AUM or A. U. M., this blog will pop up on their screen and they will see just what a screwed up company American Utility Management is.