Friday, March 2, 2012

YES, A.U.M. sucks!

FYI:  Just to clarify/summarize something that you might miss in the below large volume of documents.

Like all the other Owners at my condo I got a billing monthly from AUM for water/sewer. AUM only really came to my attention when we butted heads when I changed from getting my mail at the condo to getting mail at a mail service address.

I then had to deal with the pin heads at AUM customer non-service and I won’t replow that field except to point out that for a good number of months I did not get any monthly bills from AUM due entirely to their stupidity.

When their VP/Attorney finally decided to use the correct mailing address and bills showed up I found that this mickey mouse firm was billing me for excess usage for months that I was NOT even in residence at my condo. Their tech section was able to verify that the last part of the billing was showing absolutely no usage and I ended up with several credits to my account.

By this time the condo management firm was involved and AUM was ‘fired’ as our condo billing firm. It was amply demonstrated that they were billing for bogus usage.

What should you take away from this story?

It is obvious that the AUM customer service is staffed by morons but over and above that is the question of just what happens to the money that individuals pay for these non-existant overages that AUM is charging for?

In my case I got the money back in the form of credits to my bill, but what about the other 167 residents billings? Were they also getting artificially inflated bills?

I believe that AUM is/was running a scam and routinely overcharging customers.

I further suspect that this goes on in all the properties they handle billings for, I believe that if you are using AUM for your billing that you are getting screwed with bogus bills.

I suppose that I should thank the assholes in their customer non-service department, if their year plus refusal to change my address hadn’t happened then I would never have looked carefully at my bills and realized that in 7 months when there was NO water usage that my bills were higher than when I was actually in residence and using water. So their pig headed CS department was directly responsible for losing them the Nautilus Cove Condo account.