Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another AUM oddity FYI!

Once I finally got an initial bill to the 'correct' address I was able to go to the AUM web site ( and pick up the other 14 monthly statements.

Of course I found the expected series of $7 late fees, which were eventually credited back to me, but I also found that 6 of the 15 months showed I owed extra, above the monthly 3,000 gallons usage that I pay $14.12 a month for (whether I use it or not!).

So what is the matter with that?

Well, take for instance Feb 2008. It showed I used 700 or so gallons over the normal base of 3,000 and thus another charge for using this additional water. I was not at the condo a single day in Feburary, other months when I was in fact there never got over the base charge. So in effect by not being there and not using ANY water I was billed more than those months I was there and using water.

My complaint was sent to the engineering department (3 people) and by looking at the last 3 months (as far as they can go back in daily usage detail) they could see no one was using any water at all, also by contacting the management of the complex they verified that I was seldom there. So I got back $50+ which should never have been charged, and the earlier reversal of $85 at least gets me back to close to where I should be.

So do I think that AUM no longer SUCKS? Hell NO!

What I learned is that there are a lot of other people out there who also think AUM sucks and that you have to keep watching this bunch of morons. To get any results at all you have to in some way get past the initial bunch of screw ups who answer the phones. They are just 'customer non-service' and that is even up to the supervisor level at 'Customer non-service' you won't get any worth while help.

Perhaps you need to start your own blog site or file a BBB complaint?