Monday, November 17, 2008

AUM is out as out 'billing' company!

American Utility Management (AUM) -

AUM is the current metering and billing firm for our Nautilus Cove Condo water and sewer usage here at NCC. Residents have noticed on the last monthly bill that they were to send their payments to the Nautilus Cove office rather than the usual address in Carol Stream, Ill.

Whether it is just a payment address change or if AUM is totally out remains to be seen and the office will make that notification shortly.

The best news would be that they are totally gone and a new firm would take over the billing. AUM has a poor track record, at last count they had 61 complaints (mostly billing issues) with the BBB for this rather small firm who only joined the BBB about 22 months ago.

In my own case I found that AUM were billing me MORE for those months that I was absent from the condo (ie: zero water usage) than for the months where I was here and actually using water. I ended up with 2 credits for about $150 in all.

The office was helpful in dealing with this problem.So hopefully they will get the boot totally, we should know soon.